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IMAGE (Internet Multimodal Access to Graphical Exploration). This project is carried out by McGill University in strategic partnership with Gateway Navigation CCC Ltd and the Canadian Council of the Blind. The motivation for this project is to improve the access to internet graphics for people who are blind or partially sighted. Click here for more details.

Project Lantern

Project Lantern is an initiative that aims at providing connectivity during disaster aftermath. It uses hand-held devices that use long-range radio communication for information transfer and Machine learning for route and resource planning.  This project was selected as one of the five finalists for the IBM Call for Code 2018 challenge. Click here for more details.


Autour is a mobile system designed to improve the perception of blind individuals in outdoor environments. As a part of this, our objective is to build a conversational agent that can answer questions about the surroundings using photos taken by the cell phone camera. Click here for more details.

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